European Travel Tip I - Using US Phones and Computers Overseas

Yakity Yack
(Traduction de «Utilisation de téléphones et d'ordinateurs américains en Europe» ci-dessous.)

On our previous trips to Europe, we were careful to remove our SIM cards before our plane left US air space. Back then, international roaming was exorbitantly priced, and we weren't keen to get hit with a US$100 charge for having turned on our phones. On those trips, we


Making Castle Progress (Faire des Progrès)

We've finished the bones of the website for the the Résidence at Château de la Trousse. And we invite your comments and feedback. (Nous avons terminé les os du site pour la Résidence au Château de la Trousse. Et nous invitons votre commentaires et critiques.)
Sunset at the castle. (Coucher de soleil au château.)
In fact, we're so happy with criticism that we'll give you


Castle Grounds on Display (Terrain du Château sur L'Affichage)

Photos of the Grounds Now Online
(Photos des Terrains Maintenant en Ligne)

We've posted photos of the grounds at the Castle at Trousse! Click this link to explore the gardens, the parks behind the castle, the ancient and modern attractions at the front and sides, and the breathtaking panoramas