Whew. We're Not the Most Expensive Castle!

Break Out Your Checkbook! They're Selling!
(Traduction de "Vivre comme la royauté" ci-dessous)

Breaking news: A newer castle than ours -- a home in the south of France built in 1830 and named Villa Les Cèdre -- has just gone on sale as the most expensive home in the world. The villa


Interior Photos: TaDa! (Photographies d'intérieur)

Take a Peek Inside 
(Jetez un oeil à l'intérieur)

We've posted pictures of the interior of the Résidence at Château de la Trousse. After some heavy-duty cleaning and polishing, we're excited to report that the whole place is looking


European Travel Tip IV - How to Prevent Jetlag

Anybody Really Know What Time it Is?
(L'article «Tout au Sujet de la Prévention du Décalage Horaire» est traduit ci-dessous)

We've lived and/or traveled overseas since the beginning of human flight, so we may have something to say about preventing jetlag.

The trick, basically, is


European Travel Tip III - International Car Rentals

Get Your Kicks While Driving Sick Sticks
(La traduction de «Toutes les Locations de Voitures Internationales» est en dessous.)

One day, in a small village on a backwater island in Greece, we decided, on a whim, to rent a car. We walked past a grimy little car rental shop, and perched on a stool out front was a fat, sweaty man dressed in a greasy wife-beater and dirty shorts.

Because we speak no Greek, we pointed at the "cars to let" sign and gestured that we wanted a rental. The man held up a certain number of fingers, we nodded yes, and he


European Travel Tip II - Playing with Electricity Overseas

Let There Be Light!
(Traduction de "Jouer avec l'Électricité" ci-dessous.)
(TL;DR version of this article: Buy some of these.)

This isn't our first ride at the Weird Electricity rodeo. A million years ago, when we lived in Asia, we had to figure out how to convert power between Taiwan's 110 voltage and Hong Kong's 220 -- and there was no Internet to give us advice.
Rip 'er right out, baby.

We recall one exuberant debate about the merits of various international plug configurations, during which our American-born boss proclaimed US plugs the best because