Travel Tip V - Packing

Wherein we receive a bit o' Irish wisdom
(Traduction de L'Astuce de Voyage V - Emballez vos Valises, ci-dessous)

We mustn't leave anything behind!
Once upon a time, we took a trip with two of our (many, many) kids. The grand scheme was to meet up in London, Eurostar to Paris, night train to Milan, tour bus to Venice, cruise ship around the Mediterranean, then back to Venice, after which we planned to traipse by any means available to Rome, back to Paris, back to London, then back home.

So naturally, we packed for every conceivable eventuality: gloves, swimsuits, cocktail attire, hiking boots. We barely made weight when we arrived at the airport, and our carry-on bags were definitely over the limit.

We schlepped those ridiculous